It is the story of a young boy who belonged to a fairly rich family.

His father was considered to be the richest man in the city.

And since the boy was provided with every luxury he could dream of, so he became careless.

He used to waste his father’s hard-earned money in various unnecessary activities as if he didn’t care about anything.

Father, knowing about everything, got so much worried.

He didn’t know what to do to make his son realized the value of hard work.

Then suddenly, he came up with an idea.

The other night, while they all were having dinner, the father told his son that from now onwards, he will only be given food if he pays for it.

The boy was shocked.

He didn’t understand what made his father say this.

But what he noticed that his father was damn serious about it.

The next day, he went to his elder brother and asked for some help.

In return, he received a note of 100rs from him.

Happy and relieved, the boy gave that note of 100rs to his father at the dinner.

His father already knew where the money came from.

So, he asked him to throw it into the well.

Without thinking any further, the boy did exactly he was told.

The next day, he went to his grandmother and asked for the same help.

Luckily, he got the money.

And while at the dinner table, he again presented a note of 100rs to father.

Once again, the father asked him to throw the money into the well.

And the boy had no issue doing that.

Since the father had an idea about where the money was coming from, so he asked all of his family members to not give his son a single penny again.

Not receiving help from anyone in the home, the boy didn’t know what he should do now.

So, he went out and looked for some work.

After spending hours looking for work, he found a person.

The man was looking for a delivery guy to pick orders from the warehouse and deliver them to the given address.

It sounded difficult at once.

But since the young boy was looking for work, so he straightway went to the guy and told him that he can do this job easily.

The guy told him that he will be given 300rs per day for the work.

The boy said yes and took charge of the work from the same day.

After the day completed, the boy was given the promised amount.

He was over the moon.

At the dinner table, he presented the hard-earned money to his father.

But once again, his father asked him to go and throw it into the well.

Worried and unwilling, the boy asked the reason.

His father smiled, hugged him, and explained everything he planned to teach him the lesson.

He told his son that now you understand the value of hard work. And therefore, you will never think of wasting money again.

The value of hard work is not in the rewards.

It is in the achievements that we make out of it.