From Bill Clinton, Oprah, and Princess Diana to Nelson Mandela, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Serena Williams…

…he has coached many high-profile personalities.

Tony Robbins is an inspirational man with a heart-breaking journey through a terrible childhood…

…which has probably shaped him into who he is today. 

But what’s even more impressive about the dream that he’s living is…

…how much he has been able to give back and help others. 

“The secret to living is giving”

Born in Downtown Lost Angeles in 1960, Tony Robbins comes from humble beginnings. 

His stepfather, who was working as a salesman, struggled to get by.

And the family often couldn’t afford to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

At the age of 17, he ran out of the home and never returned. 

The world acclaimed author worked as a janitor after he left home and didn’t have the opportunity to attend college. 

At a young age, Robbins decided that he wanted to be rich so that he could help people in need.  

Even without any educational background in psychology, he began his own work as a self-help coach. 

Taught important lessons in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and Ericksonian hypnosis…

…after he underwent training by the NLP co-founder, John Grinder. 

Robbins made his first million at the age of 24. 

Two years later, the huge success of his book ‘Unlimited Power’ launched him into the mainstream. 

“Remember, rewards come in action, not in discussion.”

He was diagnosed with cancer in 1994. 

This is what inspired Tony Robbin’s amazing career. 

He realized quickly that when things like that happen, how you respond is going to determine the quality of your life.

“Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning we give it.” 

Since he grew up poor and in a broken family, Robbins claims that he had no role models in his house. 

He reports that there were times there was no food for them to eat. 

Therefore, he had to learn to pound certainty into himself. 

He conditioned himself to be certain and to have confidence and strength by controlling his mind. 

Today, Robbins lives in Palm Beach, Florida. 

“I’m a freak for the ocean. It energizes me.”

His house has a 165,000-gallon infinity pool and a master bedroom that overlooks the oceans. 

Robbins also owns homes in Palm Springs, California; Sun Valley, Idaho…

…and a small town in British Columbia where his wife, Sage, grew up. 

He has quietly built an empire. 

The Anthony Robbins Company isn’t just limited to his speaking engagements. 

It’s a diversified group of businesses in industries such as hospitality, education, media production, and business services.

The companies reportedly have a combined revenue that is approaching $6 billion a year.

He has also made cameo appearances in the movie “Shallow Hal” and TV show “The Sopranos” as himself.

And played an alien in the movie “Men in Black.”

Robbins is known for being a high-energy speaker. 

He finds that taking a cold plunge into an ice bath helps him recover from the intensity of his seminars. 

He also uses a cryotherapy machine to expose his body to 220° F temperature for three minutes at a time. 

Despite achieving almost everything in life, Robbins hasn’t forgotten his humble roots. 

His foundation feeds more than four million people around the holidays each year through its international “Basket Brigade.” 

It also provides fresh water to over 100,000 people a day in India…

…where water-borne disease is the leading cause of the death for children. 

The Anthony Robbins foundation runs programs to help the homeless, encourage youth leadership

…and provides his books and tapes to prisoners. 

“It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute… that gives meaning to our lives.”