Life is unpredictable.

Sometimes, you feel that you’re on top of everything.

And sometimes, it’s all over you.

It is what I’ve experienced very closely in these three and a half years of my life.

Hi, I’m Sarah

I’m the only child to my parents.

My mom is a housewife. 

And my dad is a school van driver. 

Until now, you clearly understand that I belong to a lower-middle-class family. 

But that doesn’t propel mom and dad to stop caring about me. 

They love me to the moon and back. 

And they do every possible thing to make me feel like a princess. 

Like literally!

But back in the days, it wasn’t enough for me. 

I used to feel annoyed because we were not financially stable. 

My dad is a van driver in the same school I was studying. 

And honestly, it made me feel embarrassed. 

Because all of my friends belonged to fairly rich families, who used to travel by their own cars. 

Everything, from appearance to spending money fearlessly, my school mates were far better and above me. 

And I was the only one belonged to a poor family where my dad was even finding it difficult to pay the bills and home rent.

It was literally pissing me off!

And there was a point when I started screaming on them. 

One day, it went to a whole new level. 

And I went out of home for quite some time to revitalize my mood.

To do that, I called my friend Sabrina and asked her to take me to her place. 

After spending some amazing time at Sabrina’s place, we decided to go to the coffee shop for chilling.

There, Sabrina invited one of her friends too, who happened to be a very close friend to her. 

His name is John

Sabrina introduced me to his friend, and he seemed to be a nice and cool guy.

While I was crying and telling the story of our financial crises and how I feel so unlucky, Sabrina and John were there to keep me calm. 

They were there to help me recover.

It is when I realized that at least I have some good friends who are a real source of joy and happiness to my dull and boring life. 

And we started hanging out almost every day. 

After coming back from school, Sabrina and John used to pick me up, and we spent hours hanging out and talking to each other.

It felt so great to be around people I always wanted. 

And the truth is, I started liking the company so much that I couldn’t even think of living without it.

Sabrina and John were doing everything to make me happy, and it was honestly working.

At the same time, it was a reality check that I don’t belong to my poor parents, who are finding it extremely hard to make both ends meet.

I was over the moon. 

One day, Sabrina wasn’t feeling well, so she didn’t come to school. 

I was sad. 

Because there was a high chance that I’m not going to have fun after school. 

But what happened was just the opposite. 

John surprised me when he came alone to pick me up. 

I couldn’t be happier than this. 

Mom and dad were watching the whole scene from the window. 

I could see the worry and fear in their eyes. 

But I didn’t care about anything because I was having the best days of my life. 

The two of us went on lunch, where we spent some quality time together.

And later on, it turned out to be a daily routine for both of us. 

Sabrina was out of the scene now. 

I didn’t want her anymore.

Because I was having a fantabulous time with John.

And eventually, I started having a soft corner for him. 

One day, while we two were having dinner at a fine restaurant, John asked me to go to his place for some time. 

How could I refuse the offer?

So, we went to his home, watched a movie. And when there was a time I had to go back to home, he held my hands, went onto his knees, and proposed me. 

Oh my God!

It was something I never expected. 

I couldn’t ask for more.

That day, John also requested to me spend the whole night at his place, and I accepted the offer straight away.

My phone was ringing constantly. 

It was dad, but I didn’t care.

It was the night when we couldn’t stop each other and broke all the boundaries. 

And then, it was in my daily routine to go to John’s place. 

We used to party hard. 

He was the one who introduced me to alcohol. And we started spending the majority of our time together. 

But one night literally shaken the entire world for me.

It was John’s Birthday.

All of his friends were invited to his place. And this is when John introduced me to his ex-girlfriends. 

I was angry and pissed off.

Didn’t know what to do. 

So, I asked John to drop me home. 

He, without even requesting me to stay for a while, asked me to come to the parking lot.

While he was driving, we didn’t speak a single word. 

And when we arrived, I didn’t bother to step out of the car right away. 

I was supposed to go inside the home. But then, John stopped me. 

He came out and literally slapped on my face with all his power. 

My head, all of a sudden, collided with the car’s bonnet, and I fell onto the ground.

I started losing consciousness in no time. 

And all I could remember is him using abusive words for me. 

It was that time when I went into a coma for almost three years due to severe internal bleeding in my brain.

John left me alone. 

Sabrina didn’t want to make any contact, as I already ditched her. 

And it was only my parents. 

Yes, the same people I hated the most. 

Since we were not good enough to afford first-class treatment, my dad started working day and night to make sure that I’m receiving the best possible treatment. 

Whereas, mom used to sit beside me all day long.

She used to cry all day, pray to God, and all I could do nothing about it.

It felt like I have been imprisoned, and there is no way coming out.

Due to the lack of any improvement, doctors lost hope and asked dad to take me home, as they couldn’t do anything about it. 

I heard mom and dad crying. They felt so helpless. 

But despite the circumstances, they never gave up. 

And for me also, they were the only ray of hope.

So, they took me home.

They used to talk to me, cracked jokes, danced together, and do everything that could help me recover.

And finally, after spending years in this prison, the time has come. 

Yes, it was my 18th birthday when dad and mom decorated the entire home and bought a beautiful cake to enjoy every bit of this day with me.   

I was feeling miserable.

Because I couldn’t do anything about it despite hearing and watching them doing all this. 

But then, I decided to break the barriers. 

I started pushing myself extremely hard to come out of this condition.

While I was fighting a war inside myself, my eyebrows started shivering 

And it was the time when I first reacted after three years.