Important Note: If you are into books, then this video is going to quench your thirst. However, if you are not, but want to make a lasting impression in the digital age, then you are certainly going to learn a lot.

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People was published in 1936, a book that laid out powerful and timeless principles of human communications which have influenced millions. The book was written at a time where communications were just limited to phone, letter interactions, and face-to-face. However, the foundational principles highlighted in the book are even more important in today’s digital age, where we are surrounded by self-promotion, several communication mediums, and most importantly, “me-ism.”

Instead of utilizing marketing tactics and technology to replace people-fundamentals, we should closely work on the intent and meaning behind our messages. It will not only help us convey our thoughts digitally but will also create a lasting impression.

And, to actually do that, let’s take a closer look at 6 ways highlighted in the book.

6 Ways to Make a Lasting Impression

Take Interest in Other’s Interests:

We are always interested in what matters to us. It is an inherent part of human nature. But people are more inclined towards a person who is interested in them and their interests.

So, rather than stressing too much upon your message, you should invest time to truly understand people and their problems, as this is the only remarkable way to achieve mutual benefit.


A smile always makes a huge difference. Be it your personal or professional life; a simple smile can win you everything and get your message across. Especially in this digitally influenced world, your smile can create an impact and convey your message more effectively.

Reign with Names:

Commercially, if you are good enough to earn a reputable name, you will have a plethora of opportunities to grow exponentially. Therefore, when interacting with your intended audiences, communicate to make a strong relationship so that you can distinguish yourself from others.

Listen Longer:

People want to be heard. Believe it or not, but good listening leaves a long-lasting impression, builds up a strong connection and trust. So, sometimes, it is good to give your thoughts a little pause and listen to what other people have to say.

Discuss What Matters to Them:

Stop pushing your message too much. Instead, focus on what matters to the other person.

Leave Others a Little Better:

Do not be mean. Give equal importance to everyone and add value to them in your best capacity. Do that and feel the difference.

That’s it.

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