Exemplary leaders play an integral role in any organization.

They are the key players who enhance engagement and commitment, improve performance and motivate others to understand their self-worth.

Learning Leadership is a self-coaching guide that helps people come out of a conventional approach by taking charge of their own leadership development.

Based on 30 years of leadership research from over 70 countries, Kouzes and Posner realized that every person has the capacity to lead.

And to do that

He needs to acknowledge the 3 foundations of leadership.

Leadership Foundations

Everyone Can Lead:

We all are born with the capacity to lead. So, if you think that we need to have some unique traits to be a leader, then it is certainly not like this.

Leaders Make a Difference:

A strong leader helps others understand their self-worth and brings the best out of them. You might find them having their own style of leadership, but the basics they follow are similar across cultures.

It’s About How Frequently You Lead:

What distinguishes leaders from others is the frequency with which they exhibit their leadership skills. Therefore, when we talk about leadership, frequency matters a lot.

Developing the 5 Leadership Fundamentals

Believe You Can

Believing in Yourself:

To be a great leader, it is crucial for you to believe in yourself.

Adopt a Growth Mindset:

You can master anything if you have adopted a growth mindset.

Lead from Inside-Out:

Know who you are and what you want to achieve. Learn from others and don’t underestimate your inner voice to find what is best for you. Then, create a blend of these two to find your original voice.

Aspire to Excel

Know What Matters to You:

Be clear about what you want and set priorities to eradicate clutter.

Be Forward-Looking:

Always adopt a futuristic approach. Pay close attention to what is happening today so that you can create better solutions for tomorrow.

Help/Serve Others:

Help others understand their vision. Be the guide and assist them in finding the right path towards success.

Challenge Yourself

Find Your Training Ground:

Make sure to volunteer for projects and get involved in them to develop and polish your skills.


Keep testing new ideas, even if you fail to find the best results. Don’t be afraid, as such failures refine you to be the best.

Have Courage:

Face reality. But make sure to stick to your goals and move forward.

Engage Support

Never Do It Alone:

Ask for advice, appreciate what other people say, and work as a team.

Get Connected:

A smart leader takes the initiative to connect with like-minded people, opens doors to resources, and works in synergy.

Seek Feedback:

Never shy away from asking for feedback, as this practice allows you to identify your weak and strong areas so that you can improve and work accordingly.

Practice Deliberately

Make the Time and Effort:

Target a specific leadership skill and give all your time and effort to achieve perfection in it.

Shape Your Context:

Your growth heavily relies on your environment. So, build a culture with trust, role models and support to uplift your game.

Cultivate a Daily Learning Habit:

You should always have room for improvement. And this only gets done if you are questioning yourself, learning new things, and incorporating them into your work.

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