First of all, one thing we all should understand that Covid-19 is not going to disappear. 

There are significant chances that it’s going to be around for at least 2 years. 

People from all across the world are worried about their health. Sadly, it is not going to be the only thing affected by the pandemic, as a lot of people are also worried about their financial needs. 

So, what is going to happen after the pandemic ends?

Possibly this.


One thing is for sure that there won’t be a huge flow of money. 

So, stop spending your money on things that you don’t need. There is no point in having coffee at your favorite coffee shop and buying your clothes from expensive clothing outlets. Don’t even buy a designer suit because weddings won’t be back for a while. 

And if you have been investing in the stock market previously, stop all your activities because it is going to CRASH!!!


As far as the jobs are concerned, let’s be realistic. 

Many jobs will see no growth in the coming years.

Waiters, the hospitality industry, and tour guides, it is going to take at least 2 years for them to get back on track. 

Therefore, we suggest you to spend your time on education, learn and grow a skill that can make you good money. 

And as a business, invest in hiring people who have internet skills, people who know how to run ads on digital platforms, people who know how to edit videos, people who know how to build websites, and people who have a degree in IT. Because these skills are going to play an important role in the future. 


Due to global crises, people are losing their jobs. So, it is high time to create your own job. Go online and teach marketing, go online, and offer your web design services, go online, and offer anything you are good at, as traditional city jobs are not going to offer much. 


If you were once confused about whether you should study medicine or not, then it is time to get a degree in it.

The infectious disease and its impact have taught us that the world needs you – doctors and nurses.

The world doesn’t need Channel. 

It doesn’t need H&M. 

It doesn’t need any INFLUENCER

It needs you. 

Have Patience

Once the Covid-19 lockdown ends, a new lockdown begins. And it is going to stay for at least 2 years. 

Let’s put it in a simple way. There will be no more large gatherings, no more group tours, no more busy offices, and no more money-making to a large extend.

It’s high time we start thinking differently.

And everything that we have said above is possible if you are lucky. But if you are living in an underprivileged society, things will be a lot more difficult.  Not everyone can afford to spend money on education, or even have a computer. It is due to the reason INCOME INEQUALITY is possibly going to rise.

The rich will get rich. 

The poor will get poorer. 

And a lot of people will enter poverty.

So, one thing that we can do for life after Covid-19 is to have sympathy and take care of others. 

Look after your neighbors, your loved ones because they might be having a difficult time.

Remember, it’s not time to spend money. In fact, it’s time to give it.

Maybe then we will be able to beat this pandemic together.