Coronavirus has brought immense panic, turmoil, and confusion among the masses.

People have mixed thoughts, feelings, and concerns about the situation.

However, the greatest concern for the majority of people is the lockdowns.

They have literally taken the world by storm.

From business professionals, employees to students, and people who earn on daily wages, everyone is suffering hugely from the COVID-19 shutdown.

The reality is, it’s done for good. 

We completely understand that it’s not easy for you to absorb this at once. 

But the truth is, shutdowns across the world are done to maintain social distancing so that you stay protected against the deadliest coronavirus. 

Don’t believe it?

Let’s walk you through with an example. 

There is a group of 4 people.

A, B, C, & D

Group A: The first carrier of coronavirus. They are easy to find and mostly in cure. 

A goes out to find C. However, he doesn’t know that he has passed by stranger B in public. 

It could be any public place, such as airport, train station, bus station, public toilet, highway resting area, restaurant, supermarket, etc. 

The point here to remember is, A and B don’t know each other. 

A arrives and meets C. 

C could be any person. It could be family, colleague, neighbor, friends, food delivery driver, cinema counter staff, etc. 

No matter how many C’s are there, we can find them because they are quarantined and observed. 

On the other hand, there is another group D, who stays at home and never goes out. 

But the problem is, we can’t identify B. 

In fact, no one knows who B is, including B himself. 

And there is a significant chance that whenever D goes out in the public, he/she might get in contact with B in so many different ways. This way, D will eventually become new B. Let’s call it (B2).

Got the logic?

The basic purpose of lockdowns and going into self-quarantine is to use the time to find out group B.

If someone is infected with coronavirus, there is a solid chance that he might not show the symptoms early on.

The infectious virus takes almost 2 weeks to show symptoms, such as high fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath.

Therefore, it’s always better to bare a little loss to avoid the big one. 

With these lockdowns and curfew situations, we can find out the group B, reduce the spread, and apply treatment to stop them. 

So, step back. Stay at home. Slow the process. 

Because one person can make a huge difference!