Whether you are starting up your business or already have an established company under your name, your business needs to evolve all the time.

Your company doesn’t just have to be good enough to experience a drastic financial growth, but it should also add value to the people who are investing their valuable time, skills, and experience to it.

This is what Richard Branson, a business magnate well-known as a serial entrepreneur, investor, adventurer, and philanthropist, talks about specifically in his book “Like a Virgin.”

And we want to put those 5 business success principles in front of you so that you can broaden up your mindset and modify your approach for long-term results.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

5 Business Success Principles by Richard Branson

1. Do What You Enjoy

Building up a business is not something you can do overnight, as it requires your continues time and effort. Therefore, do what you enjoy and invest your energy there so that you can always find yourself pumped up and motivated to turn things your way.

People invest in a certain business because they have seen someone doing incredibly good at it.

Honestly speaking, this shouldn’t be your approach. If that person commenced something as a business, he must have his own plans, goals, and objectives to meet. You cannot just follow what he does unless it is of your interest or you are extremely passionate about it.

So, be sensible, follow your passion, and do what you enjoy!

2. Dare to be Different

In this massively growing and highly competent era, your company can only survive if it is constantly innovating and daring to be different.

Take an example of the gigantic names, such as Facebook, Google, and Apple.

Why these companies are so much successful and what is common among them?


They are always innovating!

Similarly, you should dare to be different and keep on innovating to make your company’s presence felt.

3. Instill a Sense of Pride

You cannot think of making a gigantic name of your company alone. It is done with the combined efforts of the people who are working within your company.

Such a group of people takes your business to the next level.

So, take care of them, and make them feel proud.

Because if they start feeling proud to be a part of your business, you will find them putting in more commitment and passion to their work.

4. Be A Good Listener

A good leader is always a good listener. He listens to the critics, evaluates himself, rectifies the mistakes, and turns out to be a more powerful and polished individual.

Just like that, if you want to lead well, listen and learn from others. Praise your teammates generously, and hold back your criticism and temper.

5. See and Be Seen

To run a successful business, you shouldn’t lead from behind the desk. Instead, listen to people, understand what works and doesn’t, and react it to accordingly. If you are running a big company, appoint leaders and high-profile individuals who adopt this philosophy.

That’s it.

Apply these 5 business success principles and experience the difference.

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