Life is unpredictable.

Sometimes, you win.

And sometimes, it’s all over you – making you feel like a loser.

Killing your self-believe.

Tearing you down and taking you into a phase where everything looks and feels so ugly.


You cannot afford to stay like this for always.

And we won’t let you!

Therefore, we are bringing you 3 impeccable ways that will help you remain undefeated in life.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in to find out.

1. Build a Habit of Constant Reading

Believe it or not, but reading is more than just educating yourself and getting a little edge over others. It is also an integral practice that rejuvenates your mind, motivates you, and allows you to learn and implement different things in life.

So, in the moment of delusion and doubts, constant reading can turn out to be your best choice to keep going despite odds.

2. Introspection

You know, it’s actually very important for every single human being to understand his strengths and weaknesses. He should know about himself and the areas where he needs to improve and work hard. That’s what we call INTROSPECTION.

Self-analysis not only helps you understand the reason behind your failures, but it also gives you the opportunity to work on your weak areas and come back stronger to defeat anything that comes into your way.

3. Take Inspiration from Your Mentor

A mentor is someone who is there to guide you, help you realize your mistakes or weaknesses, and inspire you with his act of maturity, sensibility, and intelligence.

He can be anyone; a friend, a teacher, a colleague or even parents.

So, when you feel disheartened, lost or demotivated, look at those people and you will eventually find yourself in a calm, settled, and energetic position to face any challenge in the world.

That’s it.

Apply these 3 proven ways and see how you always remain undefeated in your life.

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