3 Employees Collaboration Tools When Working Remotely

The coronavirus fear has taken over the world by storm.

Public places have been shut down.

Hospitals are occupied with hundreds of people testing themselves for COVID-19. 

Every other individual is stockpiling foods to go into self-quarantine. 

It is due to the turmoil, government and private organizations have shut down their operations as well and gone for the remote work option.

It all looks so terrible, especially for the companies and organizations that have to meet strict deadlines by clients.

Remote working is the only solution in such a devastating scenario. And to make it more effective, we have shed light on some of the best tools that will not only maintain the productivity level but will also help your teams stay connected for better results.

So, straight away, let’s get down to it.

1) Basecamp

When it comes to project management, Basecamp is a popular choice among managers, teams, agencies, and even freelancers.

The simple and easy-to-use functionality, spectacular usability, and clean design make it a remarkable tool to organize your team and projects remotely.

So, manage your projects, collaborate with your team, and communicate with your clients on the go through Basecamp. 

2) Slack

You want your teams to brainstorm ideas, indulge in healthy conversations, and most importantly, stay connected with each other. 

Slack is the messaging remote work tool that can let you do all this with ease. It will bring all your team communication in one place – making managing remote teams easier than ever. 

3) Zoom

In this particular situation, when you are unable to meet your teams and clients in the same room, Zoom gives you a remarkable alternative. Unlike Windows-based chat software, Zoom offers an easy-to-use web conferencing platform for flawless virtual collaboration. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Maintain excellence, improve productivity, and achieve better results by using these tremendous tools while working from home. 

Let us know which tool is more useful and a better alternative to meet your requirements.